Big Bear Adventure (part 2)

It’s Tuesday now and we are about to head back to LA. We were suppose to leave yesterday but we were having so much fun we decided an extra day of fun was in order before we head back down the mountain to smog city. 

We normally travel to Big Bear every year for Andy’s birthday. We skipped last year due to wedding expenses taking precedence but it was good to be back this year. Once again, we didn’t catch any fish but we sure had a good time trying. 

Our first day, Friday, was more or less a set up and get acclimated kind of day. This is the first time we took our camper out so we wanted to spend some time with it. Our campground was great! It’s surrounded by trees and it’s on the other side of the lake than the town so it’s quieter. 

Our campsite

The Lighthouse Trailer Resort and Marina is the name of the campground we stayed at. They do have a boat dock available but I wouldn’t really call it a Marina. Every spot in the Campground has a view of the lake, even if it’s just slight. The prices are also very reasonable. It’s a family owned and operated and you can tell they care about you and your experience. I highly recommend this place. It’s a no frills kind of place but it’s perfect for an outdoor mountain experience. They even have an adorable little dog park. From what I can tell this place also has seasonal and full time residents. 

The dog park inside of the campground.

Saturday was Andy’s birthday so I rented a pontoon boat for 4 hours for us to enjoy. Every time we set out to do an outdoor adventure this time, we got rained on. Afternoon showers would hit and then the sun would come out. I was also able to smuggle an ice cream cake in the freezer of the Har-V so he could have his cake and eat it too! It was a really great day! Both Ellie Mae and Harvey love the boat. 

I’ve found the cheapest prices in Big Bear for boat rental, that is also dog friendly, is The Big Bear Marina. Check it out! 

Harvey and so snuggled during the rain
Turns out Harvey is pretty great at driving a boat!
Ellie Mae with the Big Bear Solar Observatory in the background
Andy fishing

Sunday  was a pretty chill day as well. Andy walked down to the lake and fished the first part of the morning. I joined him with the dogs later and it was super nice just to sit there on the rocks by the observatory. We also drove around downtown Big Bear a little and it seems as if it’s grown in the last couple of years. Quite a lot of foot traffic and restaurants. This really was such a relaxing day. 

Such a happy dog
Contemplating why it’s so hard to catch a fish here

Monday was probably my favorite day as far as activities go. The Lighthouse Trailer Resort and Marina offers bike rentals priced at $30 the half day or $10 an hour.  They even offered little trailers  to haul your dog behind you. Unfortunately this wasn’t big enough for our gentle giant, Ellie Mae, so we opted to leave both dogs in the camper and only do an hour rental. 

There is this absolutely gorgeous trail that is newly paved that goes along that side of the lake. It’s a 6.4 mile ride there and back and is very easy even for those of us who haven’t been active or on a bike for the last several years. 

As with the previous days activities, we got rained on during the return trip. It was nice though to get some cold rain to cool us off. This experience solidified the fact that we have to get mountain bikes for our future travels, and maybe a trailer big enough to haul the gentle giant and the sausage dog. 

To finish out our last day in Big Bear, we spent at least 5 hours down by the lake trying and failing once again to catch fish. We didn’t mind though. It’s so beautiful and serene and the dogs enjoyed playing in the water. 

PSA: Things to remember when on top of a mountain! Elevation causes lower temperatures, but that doesn’t mean the sun isn’t scorching and you are closer to it! Always wear plenty of sunscreen and drink plenty of water! Have fun on your trip to Big Bear and stay hydrated!

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